Aerospace Innovator Grows at Port San Antonio as It Captures New Global Opportunities

Knight Aerospace’s upcoming facility allows increased production of specialized medical transport units as well as passenger modules that swiftly transform the uses of aircraft.

SAN ANTONIO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2019 / Knight Aerospace is relocating to an industrial facility at Port San Antonio where it will grow its capacity to build sophisticated aircraft interior units that are increasingly sought by the U.S. military and an array of other customers in more than 25 countries around the world.

Launched in San Antonio in 1992, the company is a global leader in the design and fabrication of specialized self-contained units-modular and palletized systems that can be quickly rolled into an aircraft to transform its functionality.

Among Knight’s marquee products are medical modules that are loaded onto large cargo airplanes. The units are fully functional emergency rooms and Intensive Care Units that allow doctors to immediately stabilize and begin treatment of patients while in flight. By providing a wide range of advanced medical functionality, including the ability to perform surgeries, the modules are credited with enhancing care and saving lives of soldiers wounded in combat as well as injured victims who are evacuated from disaster areas.

Knight Aerospace’s units can be quickly loaded and quickly transform the interior and uses of heavy cargo aircraft.

Other innovations led by Knight include enclosed passenger units to transport world leaders or command and control personnel as well as systems with rows of seats, also known as palletized seating kits, similar to the configuration of a commercial airliner and which can include lavatories, galleys and luggage areas. The company’s engineers are also able to customize the various units to meet the individual requirements of each client. In addition to passenger comfort, Knight Aerospace provides support equipment for maintenance and repair of aircraft mechanical systems.

Rendering of one of the company’s specialized products- medical units that allow aircraft to function as emergency rooms / ICU’s that stabilize and treat patients as they are being evacuated.

Knight’s products are especially important to the military and humanitarian relief organizations since they can be installed in aircraft that are able to reach areas where temporary or compromised runways cannot accommodate traditional commercial aircraft. The units are in use in C-130, C-17, A400M, KC-390, KC-46, A330MRTT, CN235 and C-27J/G222 aircraft, among others.

Knights products convert an array of popular aircraft, including military C-130 cargo planes, which an land in unimproved runways. (Photo: U.S. Air Force)

"We are proud of our team’s hard work over many years to develop a wide range of products that add tremendous value to our clients-from increasing passenger capacity of an aircraft to converting that airplane into a life-saving space," said Knight President and CEO Bianca Rhodes. "With our upcoming facility at the Port, we will have the necessary room, flexibility and strategic support to build upon this success, meet our clients’ needs and tap into a world of new opportunities."

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