Real Estate Consultant Announces House Buying Service in San Antonio

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San Antonio, TX – Dependable Homebuyers, a real estate consultant based in San Antonio, Texas, has announced that they are ready to buy properties from homeowners without the need for real estate agents. The company wants homeowners to know that they are ready make a cash offer within just 24 hours no matter the condition. Those who need more info about the offer can visit their website at

Those who have used the service offered by Dependable Homebuyers have been very pleased with the entire process. Betty W., for instance, says in a testimonial that: "I wasn’t sure what to expect, until I spoke with Evan over the phone. I should have called sooner. They bought myself quickly for a price that I was happy with. I’m relieved to have my property sold."

A spokesperson for Dependable Homebuyers says, “Let’s be honest, while the process of selling your home through a Realtor can work for some people, it isn’t necessarily perfect for everybody. For example, nothing can be as big of a money pit as a home that needs significant repair. At the end of the day, selling your home with a real estate agent can be pretty darn expensive. Obviously, the main idea behind selling your home is to generate the most profit possible. In many situations, Texas homeowners who are selling have a hard time identifying these hard costs. We can take a home off the hands of a seller in seven days or less without the owner having to put out any cash. San Antonio homeowners can contact us to get started and walk away with as much money as possible. We take calls 24 hours from Monday to Friday.”

When it comes to listing a house with a real estate agent, even the process of looking for a qualified professional can take a long time. Furthermore, the process of finding a buyer can take an even longer time. Homeowners are inconvenienced with each potential buyer will want to take a look at the property and the homeowner will need to make sure that the home will look presentable around the clock. Homeowners will be expected to conduct potentially expensive repairs while staging the home to look as attractive as possible. And to add more complexity to the problem, the home seller will need to go through the process of showing the home to potential buyers several times because many people who will look at the home will likely end up not being interested for some reason or another.

The service Dependable Homebuyers is offering is a shortcut for the home selling process. By calling them you are skipping the middleman and going directly to the buyer. This is a particularly attractive alternative especially for those who are in a hurry to sell their home for any number of reasons. Those who want to visit their office can check out their Google Maps page at

There are a number of situations where a homeowner might want to sell the home as quickly as possible. For example, the home may be in danger of foreclosure. The offer to buy the home fast without need for a real estate agent would be a good solution for this homeowner since there won’t be any need to pay any real estate commissions or closing costs, allowing them to pay off their debt in full with a sale. Dependable Homebuyers can buy this home, pay off the creditors, and the homeowner will be able to walk away with as much money as possible.

Another common situation proposed by Dependable Homebuyers is that they can help when a person wants to sell a home that is currently occupied by tenants. Properties in this predicament would traditionally be difficult to sell since owner occupant buyers typically plan to occupying the home immediately after a sale. Homes that have tenants cannot be delivered vacant since the occupants have a lease. Dependable Homebuyers offers a possible solution to this situation by purchasing the home even if there are tenants in place. They will even buy the home if the tenants are behind on rent or are in the process of being evicted.

Those who want more information of who would like to speak with Dependable Homebuyers Homebuyers can check their website or their newsroom at


For more information about Dependable Homebuyers San Antonio, contact the company here:

Dependable Homebuyers San Antonio
Evan Roberts
(210) 944-4115
10211 Canton Field, San Antonio, TX 78245

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